CPR training, AED training, First Aid training, First Aid Kits
HeartStart OnSite AED, HeartStart FRX, FRX AED Aviation, AED Trainers, MRx, Monitor/Defibrillator, Philips AED
Center for Healthcare Education Proficient Skills - the Key to Saving Lives
Center for Healthcare Education Learning is not a specatator sport
Center for Healthcare Education Programs for Personal Safety
ACLS Certification, CPR Training

vsWelcome to Center for Healthcare Education, Inc.!

Thanks for your interest in Center for Healthcare Education!  Our goal is simple: to meet and exceed your expectations for quality education that will help you to obtain and develop job skills to make a difference in other's lives.  

Our courses are delivered with the intent to increase your knowledge, psychomotor skills, confidence, competence, written and verbal communications, and psychological fortitude when faced with an emergency.

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