Paying it Forward

Pay it ForwardWhen I was ~8 years-old I was enjoying a day at Newport Beach, CA with my grandmother when people starting yelling and gathering around the lifeguard tower.  A young man had stepped on a shattered soda bottle and was bleeding badly.

I got a good look at the wound and it was deep.  The lifeguard grabbed his first aid kit and swiftly went in to action to stop the bleeding and dress the wound.  He spoke confidently to the young man with the cut foot and reassured him that he would be OK.  I couldn’t hear exactly what was said between the “victim” and the lifeguard but by the time the ambulance arrived (yes, it was cut that badly) the young man was smiling.  At that very moment I knew that I wanted to be in EMS.  To learn the same skills that not only saved the man from bleeding to death but also comforted him in the midst of his personal emergency.

During my journey to accomplish that goal, many people have contributed to me and my mission in countless ways.  Whether it is was family helping with my school loans or world class mentors seeing a glimmer of something promising and taking me under their wings.  I truly stand on the shoulders of giants.  And now that Center for Healthcare Education is one of the largest resuscitation training centers in the world I have determined that “giving back” is of paramount importance.  Here are some examples:

In Proverbs the scripture states that it is not good to boast.  That being said, it is important that you know who you are doing business with and who you are trusting to equip you with the best training.  It is a privilege to earn your loyalty.

Center for Healthcare Education is always open to opportunities to “pay it forward.”  Please contact the Center in writing addressed to Board of Directors if you know of a worthy cause that we can assist with.


Cindy Tait

Cindy Tait - Center for Healthcare Education, Inc.