philips HeartStart OnSite AED

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

A favorite of the Center's home and workplace AED users, the Philips OnSite AED is the most affordable and, many report, the easiest to use AED in the industry.  With voice prompts, visual cues on both the Adult and Pediatric interchangeable cartridges and at-a- glance instructions inside the case, the HeartStart OnSite AED is the perfect choice for your office, work site, security personnel, home, boat, motorhome, church, athletic field, school, event or anywhere you anticipate the chance of responding to a sudden cardiac arrest.  Combined with good CPR/AED training (link here fro CPR and First Aid courses), your acquisition of an AED will provide the best chance of life for the victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Philips Authorized DealerNeed more information?  Have questions?  Call Center for Healthcare Education, Inc. @ 1-888-834-8700 to speak with an AED expert.  Multiple unit, nonprofit and government orders may qualify for a discount.  We offer the same low pricing as Costco.  Our staff are EMT's Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists and ER/ICU Nurses who have performed and teach CPR - many have deployed AEDs in real-life situations and are available to answer your questions and help you to determine the best AED for your needs.  

Heatstart ProductsOnSite AED Products

Both the HeartStart FrX and Heartstart Onsite AEDs are excellent choices for the workplace.  Theses AEDs are simple to use, accurate to >99% and affordable for small and large businesses, retail, heavy industry, office, construction, and manufacturing.  Download these pdf to learn more or call a Philips product representative at Center for Healthcare Education, Inc. at 1-888-834-8700 PST.