Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

The Human – Animal connection is amazing to me. I love this photo of this pup reaching out to connect and play. We know that she fully relies on her human caretakers to provide food, shelter and hopefully, veterinary care. In return she supplies unconditional love and devotion.

-From Cindy

The Backstory

The backstory to my love for animals is years spent with my grandfather Harvey. For 25 years, Harvey was the senior officer of the Riverside Humane Society. On weekends I would visit the shelter and sit in the puppy bins playing with the puppies, or go to the cat adoption area to play with the kittens and adoptable cats. Outside, there was an area where they would take in larger animals including, goats, monkeys, and horses. During the week I would “take call” with my grandfather and respond to the reprehensible acts of human cruelty against animals. We would respond to circus shows, horseback riding stables, puppy mills and the likes. It is not my intent to bum you out so I will spare you the hideous stories. However, having seen so much, I decided to commit a huge part of my life to animal welfare. Included on this page are ways you can get involved.

PETA has an undeserved bad reputation. Having scrutinized them carefully I can attest to the fact that they are lawful, civil, compassionate and reasonable when advocating for animal rights. The key word is ETHICAL, and that is their focus. Center for Healthcare Education has worked closely with PETA this past year to encourage hospitals and other educational institutions to stop using kittens and ferrets in their training labs. These institutions end up destroying the animals after they have macerated their airways with ET tubes, cut holes in their chests, inserted needles into their bones, etc, etc. Our position as one of the largest AHA training centers in the world is that this training can better be accomplished with manikins, simulation, media, etc. There are no similarities of an infant’s airway to a cat or a ferret with sharp incisors and a long tongue… be the judge (see photo). If you are a healthcare provider we encourage you to NOT participate in animal labs for your training.

“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal….” Proverbs 12:10

Animal Welfare links:

Betty White raising money for Riverside’s Humane Society more than 50 years ago! Now the location of Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center.  Center for Healthcare Education provides animal and human CPR and First Aid training , and event medical standby for the no kill, spay & neuter shelter that also provides humane education to grade school children in Riverside County.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Reserve Nairobi, Kenya – Center for Healthcare Education donates to provide fuel for the aerial surveillance anti-poaching, snare removal and SkyVet aircraft.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Ethical Research and Education.  Focus is to remove animal research labs, animal trauma/combat labs and other human irrelevant cruelty to animals.

National Search Dog Foundation

Center for Healthcare Education’s dear friend and founder Wilma Melville’s vision of training search dogs to rescue live victims of disaster has become a reality with the opening of their new training and education facility in Ventura County, CA.  Wilma and her team have rescued hundreds of dogs from shelters to train them for search and rescue.  Dogs that do not pass the training are carefully placed in loving forever homes.

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