Photo Gallery 1

Photo Gallery 1

CPR/AED/1st Aid Instructor workshop at Crown of Life Church in Riverside

Center for Healthcare Education provides Instructor Training for more than 200 fire stations in the SW USA!

The first few minutes of life are critical! Center provides Neonatal Resuscitation certification worldwide.

Center’s President and Clinical Specialist Cindy Tait, EMT-P, RN, MPH at Harvard University training with TED TALK coaches.

Center’s amazing instructors providing certifications for CNA, MA, RCP, Nursing, HVAC, Security and other vocational courses for career colleges nationwide. Course are challenging, fun and lots of hands-on skills!

Center specializes in certifying professionals in “Heavy Industry” including gas, oil, maritime, construction, transportation and agriculture.

More than CPR/AED and First Aid - Center offers courses in Bleeding Control, Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens, Active Shooter, Advanced First Aid and Emergency Medical Response.