NSC First Aid Provider Course

NSC First Aid Provider Course

Class Times

  • 06/24/2023 12:00 PM
    Ends: 06/24/2023 03:00 PM
  • 08/19/2023 12:00 PM
    Ends: 08/19/2023 03:00 PM


The First aid Course combines basic level first aid procedures. Students of this course will be taught how to provide first aid for acute injuries and sudden illnesses, such as:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Bites
  • Bleeding Problems
  • Asthma
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Electric Shock
  • Eye Injuries
  • Fainting
  • Heart Attack
  • Head or Neck Injury
  • Heat Emergencies
  • Cold Emergencies
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Seizures and much more

Course Length: 4 hours

Intended Audience:  All lay rescuers, such as employees in the workplace, daycare employees, babysitters, firefighters, police, airline personnel, security guards, family members of patients, other lay rescuers, and those who may have need to respond to an emergency.

Student Materials:  Student First Aid Packet w/Workbook.

Card Type: Course Completion Certificate.

Written / Skills Exam: Required for completion card.

Course Fee:  $ 84.00 Pre-Registration - $89.00 Walk-ins